Stripper Davide was born with the aim of providing an entertainment service as a stripper. Professional, fun, not vulgar and lived up to expectations. Evening for swingers


woman touch man Evening for swingers

Each type of show is always different from the other. This is to make it clear that you must always, based on the woman to whom it is done, take the right measures to know how much you can push and why it does not become unpleasant. Evening for swingers

Types of events:

Hen party



Graduation parties

Retirement parties

Nightclub Entertainment (Stripper or Cubist/Dancer)…….

Company parties and dinners

Women’s day

Divorce party

Various events

I have listed the most common events where a show is requested. Let’s face it … any event is good for doing something alternative and fun.

There are various modes of shows, additional things of which you can choose the one that suits you the most:

Strip Tease

– Full Strip Tease

Strip Tease + Body Shot

Strip tease + Sexy Cook

Sexy Cook/Barman

Physical characteristics and details:

Nationality: italian

Languages: italian and english

Hair: brown

Eye color: greens

Height: 1.75

Age: 30

Boy dances animation Cubist dancer discos Evening for swingers

The way to organize the striptease is very simple. I will make a summary of the basic points so that you already have a good general idea.

Two simple things to decide before first contact:

– Decide the location (public room with private room, a house, a B&B, a villa, etc …) In reality there are no prohibitive places … you can do it anywhere!
Date and time

Once these two points are clear, contact me. Evening for swingers

When you contact me you can ask me anything. Don’t worry … it is always good to clarify any doubts and curiosities!

In general, if you do it in a house, villa, hotel room or B&B, you have to take into account that you need a lot of space to do a striptease. Obviously, most of the time you have to optimize the room by moving the furniture.

Costumes? Of course! It is an important choice. Evening for swingers

Ragazzo balla animazione Cubista ballerino discoteche Evening for swingers

I usually always use the Firefighter one, having a higher demand and being very realistic even with the self-protector (mask and fake cylinder). Other costumes I have are Captain America or Santa Claus for Christmas. Later I will tell you about the costumes and their curiosities.

As for the music, lights, etc … don’t worry. I’ll take care of bringing and fixing everything myself!

As you can see, organizing a striptease requires only a minimum of organization and inventiveness.

A Last Minute request? Don’t worry … contact me anyway and we will try to organize it.


Absolutely not an insignificant thing but rather a fundamental thing is the stage costume, not only for what it represents but also for the quantity of parts that can be removed. As you know, a striptease has a certain duration with a certain mixed sequence of tracks. If the costume had few parts to remove, the stripping time would be very short and consequently the duration of the strip would be shortened. Alternatively, if you want to keep a costume that has few parts at all costs, you have to compensate for the missing time frame by inserting more “toys” with which you can reach the desired duration. This choice is completely subjective, in the sense that each stripper chooses according to their style and needs.

As far as I’m concerned, I opted for the right mix of costume parts that you can take off and “games” that you can do.

But let’s get back to us!

What is special about a stripper costume? Let’s face it … we all associate a striptease with the guy who takes off his pants in one fell swoop and that’s the peculiarity of the costume. Very scenographic from the point of view of the spectators even if it is elaborate to prepare.

The reason? Now I will reveal the peculiarity of the pants.

Boy dances animation Cubist dancer discos Evening for swingers

To make a pair of trousers that can be removed in one go, without getting entangled or stuck, it is necessary to use velcro. I tell you right away that there is no salesman for this type of need … you have to get them or have them done. One of the advantages of using Velcro, in addition to being able to pull them off in a single stroke, is that of not seeing the closure between the two side flaps (sewn in their original state). It will turn out like normal trousers without anyone suspecting anything, thus making the central scene unexpected. Be careful not to make them too tight, because with the movements that will be made, the risk that they will suddenly open becomes very high, creating an unpleasant situation. Personally I have always used this method!

There is actually an alternative method! (although less spectacular from my point of view). Instead of velcro, you can use zippers on the external part of the junction of the two flaps of the trousers. With this system, obviously you cannot pull off the trousers without having first opened the zip. So the stripper must first invent a system to make the opening of the zippers more beautiful and perhaps sensual and then remove the pants in one go. Unlike the Velcro method, the closure between the two flaps of the trousers will be very evident. Strippers Italy

Absolutely avoid using normal trousers! I’ve seen some of those scenes … normally taking them off with shoes is just too complicated. Not to mention how unspectacular it is to take them off like this … no, it really doesn’t fit!

Any special requests? Yes, there was. Evening for swingers

It happened that some girls asked me to use costumes already prepared by them … IMPOSSIBLE! This type of request was made for a lack of knowledge of how important it is for a stripper to use their costume. The costume as well as being personal and having the right sizes is just for a question of lineup.








How long have you been a stripper?

I started on March 8, 2015, so not since yesterday. Already … in recent years I have seen everything and more!”

How did you start?

I would say a little by chance. Before doing striptease I used to make parades for competitions then we went around the premises with one of our groups. I actually showed up in a place where they were looking for guys to organize an evening of light entertainment, a competition for March 8th. In reality, speaking with the owner, he was looking for something else … strippers. I also accepted without ever having done so. That was the first time.

How was the first time?

It was tough I must say but also very beautiful, particular as an experience. Tough in every sense since I was starting from scratch, no one teaches you how to be a stripper. Creating your own style, costume, arranging the music tracks, etc … was not easy besides the fact that being the 8th of March the number of women and girls was really high, a very large audience. It was very intense, a good rush of adrenaline, but I really enjoyed it a lot, so I remember that evening with nostalgia.

But is it true that they are all women “of a certain age”?

Absolutely not … let’s dispel this myth because the opposite is more true. The vast majority are girls in their thirties because the biggest event they ask for a stripper for is the bachelorette party.